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Who are we?

I’ll start by introducing myself… I’m Rob, the founder and CEO of Sound Scrubs.

I grew up surrounded by music – every genre you can imagine. I had musical instruments, sound gear, studio gear, mixers and amplifiers in every room in the house.

I started working professionally in audio for tv, video, theatre, film and music back in 2006. Recording sound on set and in the studio, editing and replacing dialog (ADR), sound effects, foley and much more.

In addition to my work in sound, I began working as a wedding videographer. It was my work in videography that really opened my eyes to how difficult it can be to capture quality sound when you don’t have a dedicated film crew at your beck and call. I was so focused on getting a great shot I ruined the audio, time and time again.

I was lucky… I had a background in sound and fixing up the audio was an option. But what if you’re a video professional without a background in sound. When I edited my video, I could alway cut to a different angle or use a different take, but this doesn’t work with sound. It’s not as easy as cutting to a different angle, zooming in or pulling focus.

Welcome to Sound Scrubs.

We work with a lot of different people just like you.

Our clients are.

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Edit Podcasts

Audio repair and restoration

Clean Audio.

If you’ve recorded some audio that sounds less than ideal, and it needs to sound perfect, we’re here to help. Audio clean up is our specialty.

Our audio restoration and repair services aim to reduce and remove unwanted noise and imperfections from your audio recordings, balance levels and enhance the sound you want to hear, making it cleaner and clearer.

We can fix:

  • Clicks, Pops & Thumps
  • Hiss, Hum & Rumble
  • Clipping and Distortion
  • Background Noise
  • Digital Artifacts
  • Echo & Reverb
  • Wind
  • Traffic, People & Nature
  • and much more.

Podcast video & Audio Editing

Your Show. Ready to Go.

There’s more to a great podcast than good conversation. A great podcast has rhythm.

Our podcast editing service will help bring out the very best in your podcast, removing distractions and enhancing the natural rhythm of your conversation.

  • Audio Podcasts
  • Video Podcasts
  • AudioBooks
Business podcast recording
Podcast Editing Services
Podcast Editing Services
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Audio Enhancement & Mastering

Fresh and Finished.

Deliver the very best to your clients and audience.

Perfect for commercial projects, advertisements, interviews, film & television, even wedding video.

Our audio enhancement and mastering services breathe new live into average audio recordings.

Our Work

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects across Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand and more. From feature films, television, commercials, social media advertisements to podcasts and audio books.

If you’d like to hear a preview of our work, send us a message or submit your own project for a free demo and a quote.

Podcast Editing
Podcast Editing Service
Podcast Editing Services
Podcast Audio Editing
Podcast Editing
Podcast Editing Service
Podcast Editing Services