Audio Restoration and Repair

Audio Restoration and Repair


Audio Restoration and Repair

Audio Restoration and Repair


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Audio repair and restoration

Clicks, pops, thumps, hums, clipping, distortion, digital artifacts, traffic, animals and everything in-between.

What do we do?

If you’ve recorded some audio that sounds less than ideal, and it needs to sound perfect, we’re here to help. Audio repair and restoration is our specialty.

Our audio restoration/audio repair services aim to remove and reduce unwanted noise and imperfections from your audio recordings, and ultimately enhance the sound you want.

First we repair your audio removing excess noise, clicks and pops, thumps, hum, echo, distortion, clipping, digital artifacts, traffic, people, animals and everything in-between. Then we restore your audio isolating the sound you want to hear and making it cleaner and clearer.

We can then balance the levels and master your audio so it sounds great wherever you’re listening.

Our Additional Services

Film makers and video professionals

Shooting video is a lot of hard work. It can be very stressful even at the best of times. Adding audio recording in to the mix and you’re bound to make some mistakes. When you’re running short on time microphone placement, levels and sometimes pressing the record button is the least of your concerns.

We support video professionals all around the world – just like you, with their audio problems. Unwanted noise, clipped and distorted audio, clicks, audio drop outs, excessive echo and reverb, and more.


Wedding videographers

I know first hand what you have to deal with. I don’t know anyone who has it worse when it comes to recording audio. While you’re rushing around trying to capture every moment from the perfect angle, with the right lighting, the right lens, all while nailing a focus pull.

The last thing on your mind is capturing flawless, focused, cinematic audio. Unfortunately, until wedding audio-graphers are a thing… the job is yours.

Luckily all hope is not lost. We can repair audio problems such as: Excessive noise, microphone handling noise, distorted and clipped audio, echo and reverb, wind noise, crying babies (and parents), animals, and much more.

If you want to know if your audio can be repaired, send through your audio file(s) and we can send you a demo.


Music Producers and Audio Engineers

Music is all about vibe, and nothing kills the mood and brings you out of the moment like artefacts in your recordings.

The perfect take can be ruined simply by a glitch in the recording, lip smacks, plosives, sibilance, clipping, distortion, static, room noise, text messages and other unwanted noises.

We have tools to transparently remove all of these issues with incredible precision.

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Audio Restoration
Audio Restoration
Sound engineer working at mixing panel in the boutique recording
Audio Restoration and Repair

Who are we?

I’ll start by introducing myself… I’m Rob and I restore and repair audio. I grew up surrounded by music – every genre you can imagine. I had musical instruments, sound gear, studio gear, mixers and amplifiers in every room in the house.

I started working professionally in sound design and recording for tv, video, film and music back in 2007. Recording sound on set and in the studio, editing and replacing dialog (ADR), sound effects, foley and much more.

In addition to my sound work I began working as a wedding videographer. It was my work in videography that really opened my eyes to how difficult it can be to capture quality sound when you don’t have a dedicated film crew at your beck and call. I was so focused on getting a great shot I ruined the audio, time and time again.

I was lucky… I had a background in sound and fixing up the audio was an option. But what if you’re a video professional without a background in sound. When I edited my video, I could alway cut to a different angle or use a different take, but this doesn’t work with sound. It’s not as easy as cutting to a different angle, zooming in or pulling focus.

Welcome to Sound Scrubs.

How does audio restoration work?

Some audio issues are easy to define and others are harder to explain. The one thing they all have in common is they’re distracting and they suck the life from your audio.

They may be clicks, pops, hiss, clipping, distorted, they may have too much reverb or echo and sound distant, they may just be unbalanced.

We begin by listening to the audio and pin-pointing each issue that will need to be fixed. One issue at a time, we begin to process the audio with very precise tools. The aim is complete transparency, like the issue never existed in the first place.

With the help of software like iZotope RX or Spectral Layers we have a visual representation of our audio. When you’ve been processing audio for as long as we have you begin to recognise patterns and sound that should and shouldn’t be there.

What software do we use?

We use a range of tools and different software depending on the problem we’re up against. Often once piece of software or plug in can solve one issue but can’t solve another.

This is where having a range of different software from different minds is so important. Sure this is incredibly expensive but we think you’re worth it.

We use plug ins and software from iZotope RX, Spectralayers, WaveLab, Cedar, Universal Audio, Waves, Adobe Audition.

Plug ins from the likes of Cedar Audio and Waves are second to none when it comes to transparent noise reduction. You can’t beat RX and Spectralayers when cleaning up clicks, crackles, scratches and hums.