Where are you located?
We operate our audio editing, repair and restoration services internationally! We can also work with you remotely for our additional audio recording services. Our studios are located on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Can you guarantee everything will be fixed?
No, nothing is guaranteed. Most problems can be fixed completely… others can be greatly improved. In rare cases where problems cannot be fixed we will contact you and discuss our options.
Can we talk on the phone or via Zoom?
Sure, but we typically prefer email as there's no issues with timezone etc. We usually reply within 12 hours... usually faster.
How do I send and receive my audio?
File sizes can be quite large so we recommend using a file hosting service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer to send us your files. We typically send our completed files back to you via Dropbox.
I have a video with audio, can I send that?
Sure, though we do recommend only sending the audio whenever possible.
What can't be fixed?
Most things can be fixed… or at very least improved a lot. With that Missing audio, dropouts and some extremely loud noises are among the few things very difficult to fix. But we’ll definitely try! We have lots of tricks. More often than not the longer the audio clip (the more audio we receive) the more likely we can fix these kind of problems.
What's your policy on full or partial refunds?
In very rare cases we cannot fix or improve audio issues. If this does happen we will contact you to discuss a resolution. In these cases a full refund or partial refund is absolutely an option. For mastering or editing services we offer up to two revisions but we do not offer refunds.
Do you offer discounts for regular bookings?
We sure do, if you’re submitting or plan to submit more than 2 files a month for any of our services please get in contact with us via email to discuss rates.
What file types do you accept?
Practically everything. We typically return the files in a .WAV format, however we can supply most file types at your request.
Are my files secure?
Yes, and for this reason we recommend using services like Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.